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Preventive care can identify early signs of diseases and help patients maintain their health; primary care physicians Sree Gogineni, MD, and Jeevan Errabolu, MD, of Capital Area Internal Medicine, offer a number of preventive care services to residents of the Washington DC/Metro area. Call the family medicine experts at Capital Area Internal Medicine office today or request an appointment online.

Preventative Medicine Q & A

What's preventive care?

The old adage about “an ounce of prevention” applies to medical care. In developed countries like the US, chronic diseases typically occur because of long-standing lifestyle habits like a poor diet or smoking. The idea of preventive care is to identify patterns early and help prevent the disease by helping people make changes before a disease actually occurs. Preventive care may also include activities like cancer screening or vaccinations to prevent infections.

Can my primary care physician provide preventive care?

While there is a distinct medical specialty (actually, there are three) recognized by the American College of Preventive Medicine, all primary care physicians provide preventive care to some extent. A family medicine doctor might perform lab tests to identify early signs of a disease like diabetes, while a pediatrician does vision and hearing checks in children so treatment can be initiated immediately if a problem is discovered. In addition to the one-on-one activities of preventive care, public health officers also focus on preventative care in communities.

Who needs preventive care?

In a nutshell, everyone. Vaccinations are recommended for all ages to help prevent disease. An annual physical examination allows the primary care physician to identify a potential problem and make recommendations for change. Women need specific preventive care during the reproductive years and pregnancy, while the needs of a postmenopausal woman are different. Preventive care is particularly important for the “healthy” person to keep them in that state of health.

What's included in preventive care?

Family medicine doctors cover all the bases in primary care. In addition to administering immunizations, the primary care physician tracks immunization status so she knows when someone needs a tetanus booster. Physical examinations and lab tests help identify early warning signs that can lead to chronic diseases. Patient education is a vital part of preventive care, as much of prevention has to do with lifestyle, like diet and physical activity. At a community level, preventive care might include anti-obesity, smoking cessation or sun protection campaigns. Call Capital Area Internal Medicine or request an appointment online to speak with a primary care physician about your health goals and discuss ways to achieve them.

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